Be like the squirrel.

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A friend of mine recently said they were “doing nothing” and felt guilty. Now this person is not a lazy person and pandemic and many life stressors aside, it clicked in my head how self-effacing that phrase is. It's a vacuum of judgment about laziness. And who can get the benefits of rest when you're sitting there, judging yourself for sitting there?

Nothing does not exist. Maybe the closest thing is meditation but us new age folks all know meditation is actually noticing and accepting everything that inevitably passes through you; toxic thoughts 100% included. Doesn't sound like "nothing" to me.

Flipping the idea on its head, maybe rest can be the harvest.

I have decided to be like a squirrel. Every quiet moment is a hazelnut for later, every peaceful pause is an acorn I can store away. Inevitably as I head into term 3, I will need this galvanized rest so I am able to tackle my goals and the demands of the future I want to build here in the UK.

So be like a little greedy squirrel my friends, and know that if you sit on the couch and doodle and read and wander through the canals aimlessly, it was not “nothing”. It was you releasing old stress and gathering strength for the coming exciting storms of Spring.

I used to wear my inability to relax like a badge of honour, but what life is worth living without moments of celebration and pause?

In a nutshell, I used to think I was bad at relaxing, but maybe I just needed to seed it differently.

Puns 1000% intended.

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