30, Flirty, in Debt and Thriving

Updated: Apr 24

I don't think you have to celebrate turning 30 any more than any other birthday.

I know, right? What about all those expectations and societal benchmarks?

A dear friend (also turning 30 this year) and I were discussing the celebratory expectations around the day and how we were both feeling un-enamoured with the idea of making a big deal about and it got me thinking... why would we in the first place?

I think it's because we're told to. Usually, social media is a tumult of blown up balloons and soirees. And power to the partiers. I just think that the requirement to mark the day has deeper economic judgements behind it. At least that's what immediately popped to mind when I realised this was "the year."

It's a societal benchmark, that you're supposed to have a certain amount of money by, be married, have children, a house, a substantial bank account. I'm just now starting to piece together a present that could (potentially) lead to a future resembling this.

But the reality is that I just finished my second degree, I'm a creative artist living in one of the most expensive cities in the world, in the most debt I've ever been in and I work part-time, to full-time in hospitality to pay bills and eat.

Sound glamorous? Of course it's not. But actually, right now, in the sorriest economic place in my life, I have the most going for me. Loving partner, healthy family, more confidence in myself than ever before, a job with lovely people, I'm developing my own show biz coaching company, I have a great agent on my team and a self-tape set-up to rival the gods.

All this to say, the amount it takes to make me happy these days is pretty low and most of the bases are covered, but the expectation for this age group I'm about to enter is substantially unkind on people of a certain artistic disposition.

I've always thought I would bloom late in terms of certain "amenities" but that's because I've put my career before anything and everything since I was 21. There's not much room for settling in that equation.

All this to say, I believe my 30th birthday won't reflect any kind of triumph or pomp. I plan on being with 2-3 people I absolutely adore and who love me for me, preferably on a beach, maybe Greece, and you'll hear nary a peep about it on the socials because maybe it's just another day.

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