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Thoughts on intrusive thoughts from an aspiring actor.

This blog is about anxiety, acting and Pure O -O.C.D.

I post something when I've learned something.

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Katherine Alpen (she/her) is a writer, actor, singer, song-writer, all around creator with a history of OCD and anxiety. This is her outlet for thoughts on healing, management and embarrassing revelations.

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Out there, there be monsters. In here, we befriend them.

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I am not a medical professional. I'm not even a medical pre-professional. This blog is a public journal of my journey with OCD and generalized anxiety. 

There is no replacement for professional medical advice and everything I explore in this blog is based on my own personal experience and does not necessarily apply to any and all situations. 

The purpose of this blog is to create a relatable space for the struggles I've faced in the hopes that someone suffering similarly won't feel so alone. A blog is not an adequate replacement for professional mental health advice.


With all that said, I hope in these pages you find steps to move towards self-compassion, patience and resilience.


You are stronger than you know.

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Dear reader,

I am with you and I am not afraid of you. I am with you and you do not scare me. Not your most horrifying thought can move me from your side. Nothing your beautiful brain can create could ever move me to leave you. You are not alone; you are in my heart. Your perceived truth might not be what you think.

Your future is bright and peace is possible.

You. Are. Good.

I love you.

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